Adventure One: Pt2. The Ruins Near Aerntil

The Party Resumes traversing the ruins.

As they all wake up and heal, they realize the mirror is a one way passage, now that the trap has been deactivated. They all go through with a little prodding from the others to continue exploring the ruins, and on the other side they prepare for battle wisely.

They open the door and inside they find what appears to be undead and priests of pelor working together. Large amounts of weapons and treasure are on the floor, and the back of the room houses a book.

They easily defeat them in a fight, and find holy symbols of Vecna on their persons, despite wearing robes of Pelor.

The wizard informs the party of the books inherent properties, and they head back off towards the city to see if they can find another page.

After a bit of digging and research on the codex, they find that a page is within the city, in Lord Cornelius Altrius’s home. They attempt to get in but are unable to get a meeting with him, and don’t wish to break in.

The second session and first adventure ends there, with the party finally taking a rest for the night in the tavern.



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