Adventure Two: Lord Altrius' Betrayal
Lord Altrius has tasked them with destroying members of a Vecnan cult

Lord Altrius meets the players and asks them to check out the Three Blades gang to see if what has heard is true, and to put a stop to them if they are Vecnian cultists.Tilthan Hyath,the assassin, mentions a relic, but Gruffs Whippoorwill tells Lord Altrius that it’s a book, and so it becomes somewhat apparent to him that it is the Codex Infernum. He doesn’t mention it, but tells them they cannot have the page when asked. (It is known that a page is in his possession in his estate.)

The party heads off to the Docks and Tilthan uses his contacts to find the location of the Three Blades. They mean to try diplomacy, but find that they are in wait for an ambush inside, and so sneak back out before they can be properly attacked. They go and get the parole officer who was recommended not to come, and return to fight the ambush.

Tilthan phased through the wall, pick pocketed a cultists (only) dagger, stabbed him in the back with it and killed him, and left him in a crumple on the floor as he phased back out, unseen. At this point the party charged in, and the parole officer gave claim to the cultists death, to throw them off the assassins trail.

Combat was fairly swift and they took care of all the thugs and cultists. There were again Pelor robed members with daggers and holy symbols of Vecna. A note was found on one of the Three Blades leader’s body.

Draln, Please execute the people who will be coming to your location tomorrow. You will be rewarded for your service greatly. I have sent some help to assist you. Please get this done quickly.

Lord Altrius

After some examination to be sure it was his signature, the party decided it was certainly him and it must have been a setup. They went to go see Archpriest Ralion, an associate of Tilthan’s, who told the party that immediate action must be taken and that he had never really trusted Lord Altrius himself. They go to see Councilman Tristan, the other Templar Councilman whom he had known for a long time, to determine the proper course of action. Once there, they decided upon taking 3 Might of Pelor paladins and 3 Templars along with them to arrest Lord Altrius.

As they enter his estate, Councilman Tristan informs Altrius that he is under arrest, and to come peacefully to be put on trial. Altrius refuses and shouts, “You will NOT stop the power of Vecna! Pelor pales in comparison!” He then transforms into a shadowy aberration of some kind, growing grotesque shadowy tendrils. As he does this, the people assisting the party are thrown aside by a shadowy force.

The party fights him, and Andre is nearly killed. During the fight, the dead Templar and paladins begin to be raised and fight against the party. It’s clear the way Councilman Tristan has landed in a heap, that his spine is not intact and likely his life as well. Archpriest Ralion appears to be unconscious on the other side of the room.

As Lord Altrius is finally defeated, he transforms back into a human, collapsing on the floor and utters the words, “You, will not stop…their coming…” He fades into a shadowy smoke and dissipates, seemingly seeping through the floor.

A loud rumble can be heard that jars the estate, sounding as if the sky had just split open.

Adventure One: Pt2. The Ruins Near Aerntil
The Party Resumes traversing the ruins.

As they all wake up and heal, they realize the mirror is a one way passage, now that the trap has been deactivated. They all go through with a little prodding from the others to continue exploring the ruins, and on the other side they prepare for battle wisely.

They open the door and inside they find what appears to be undead and priests of pelor working together. Large amounts of weapons and treasure are on the floor, and the back of the room houses a book.

They easily defeat them in a fight, and find holy symbols of Vecna on their persons, despite wearing robes of Pelor.

The wizard informs the party of the books inherent properties, and they head back off towards the city to see if they can find another page.

After a bit of digging and research on the codex, they find that a page is within the city, in Lord Cornelius Altrius’s home. They attempt to get in but are unable to get a meeting with him, and don’t wish to break in.

The second session and first adventure ends there, with the party finally taking a rest for the night in the tavern.

Adventure One: The Ruins Near Aerntil
New eladrin ruins were found near the city Aerntil in the Nraethil Forest, what did the adventurers find there?

Our first session went very well. The party was notified by the wizard, that there were recently uncovered Eladrin ruins fairly nearby, that may contain a large portion of undiscovered treasure. After a bit of party meandering around the plot and getting to know each other, they all finally agreed to go and visit the ruins. After failing a skill challenge to find them in the first place, they had to pay up a fair portion of their money. (Not even enough for one person to afford, they had to pool together.)

Once inside, the party all lost consciousness, and I played with each of them separately as the Mirror Trap each had them facing their personal demons. They all survived, though some just barely.


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